XRay Vles gRPCs is a VPN software created by V2Ray.com which focusing to provide privacy while you connect to the internet. XRay Vles gRPC gRPC supports multiple protocols, including VMess, Socks, HTTP, Shadow sock, etc. V2Ray can be run on Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, and Android.

How to use XRay Vles gRPC for Free NET:
Please note that this trick can be used if your free net trick requires SNI/Bug Host
1. Download and install XRay Vles gRPC App (V2rayNG, ,Kitsunebi, NapsternetV or etc.)
2. Create your account at SiteSSH.com/v2ray/XRay Vles gRPC and fill in SNI/Bug hostname there
3. Copy the configuration from the above step
4. Import the configuration to XRay Vles gRPC apps
5. Connect and Enjoy Free Net

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  • ServiceName: vless-grpc
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  • Location: Germany
  • Status: Offline
  • Reset Time: 00:00 AM & PM (GMT +7)
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What is Xray Vless gRPC?

Project X originates from the XTLS protocol and offers a suite of organizational tools such as Xray-core and Xray-flutter. Vless represents an updated version of the vmess protocol, which has been in existence for some time. After several developers discovered vulnerabilities in the vmess protocol and demonstrated that it can be identified by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), vless was developed. Additionally, xray-core has been introduced as an alternative to the standard v2ray-core. According to developers, Xray is more stable, better suited for UDP gaming, and is 30% faster than v2ray. Vless is a stateless lightweight transmission protocol that serves as a bridge between Xray clients and servers.


  • Vless TCP TLS
  • Vless TCP HTTP
  • Vless WebSocket TLS
  • Vless WebSocket HTTP
  • Vless gRPC TLS
  • Vless gRPC HTTP


  • Vless: An Original Lightweight Proxy Protocol with Zero Redundant Encryption Overhead.
  • XTLS: Standard TLS Encryption with Kernel-level Packet Flow Control Optimization, Powered by Vless.
  • One-to-Many Port Sharing: Common Server Ports (like 443) Can Be Shared by Multiple Backends.
  • Invisible Proxy Service: Normalized Server Responses. Effective Against Active Probing.
  • Domain Filtering: Customize Your Traffic Filtering at Domain Level, with built-in RegEx Support.
  • Affordable Hardware Ready: Compatible with Raspberry Pi, OpenWRT, and more.
  • OS Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more.
  • Chipset Supported: x86, amd64, ARM, Apple Silicon, and more.

About Vless gRPC

Vless gRPC (Secure Shell), is the open protocol which is used to secure network communication which is less expensive & complex than hardware-based VPN solutions or in other words, it offers authentication, encryption & data integrity for securing network communications. By implementing Vless gRPC, we get some of the capabilities like a secure command-shell, secure file transfer, and remote access to a variety of TCP/IP applications via a secure tunnel.

XRay Vless gRPC is a relatively small Vless gRPC server and client. It runs on a variety of POSIX-based platforms. XRay Vless gRPC is open source software, distributed under a MIT-style license. XRay Vless gRPC is particularly useful for "embedded"-type Linux (or other Unix) systems, such as wireless routers.

Stunnel is a proxy designed to add TLS encryption functionality to existing clients and servers without any changes in the programs' code. Its architecture is optimized for security, portability, and scalability (including load-balancing), making it suitable for large deployments.

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